"The AI Project aims to create a working Artificial Intelligence
engine which will be available to the masses."

Currently in its infancy, this project will create a complex AI program, known as the AICore, whic
h can be accessed on any computer and shall be able to imitate the thought process of a human.

The first phase of development which is now complete, involves the creation of a computer program (prototype) which simulates an understanding of natural (English) language. The prototype of the AICore focuses on the retrieval of data using natural (English) language. The AICore already possesses the ability to learn information and then retrieve that information which it has learnt, using natural language queries.

The beta version for the first product which makes use of the AICore has been completed. This is an online quiz, whose questions are generated by the AICore using knowledge contained within it. The
online quiz is now open for beta testing.

The AICore is being coded in C# .NET.

The AICore went live on 24th July 2011 and is now available for beta testing.
The online quiz went live on 26th September 2012 and is now available for beta testing.