The AIProject is the brainchild of Abu Pasha who is the designer and lead programmer of the AICore software.

Abu Pasha was born and raised in the UK. He holds a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Statistics and a Master’s degree in Object Oriented Software Systems, which was where he learnt to program in Java and C++. He taught himself Visual Basic, which was his favourite programming language and was the reason for choosing to code the AICore software in VB.NET.

How did the AIProject come about?
Abu Pasha writes:

"To answer this question, I need you take you back 10 years...

In 2001, I considered creating price comparison websites for computer hardware, as well as other items which could be purchased on the internet. Bear in mind that at this time, in the UK, there were virtually no price comparison websites for any item or service. Had I followed these ideas through, as has been proved over time, the price comparison websites would’ve been a very successful venture, but alas, I never bothered doing this.

In 2002, I developed some software which allowed a PC digital TV card to be used as a PVR, I only spent about 2 months on this, but never intended it to be used commercially. At the time, PVRs were non-existent, but a few years later they really took off, in the UK. Had I pursued this idea, it would’ve been very successful.

In 2009 I had the idea for a language processing AI and started writing out concepts and algorithms for the software while I was working in my previous (non-computer related) job. I then took the brave step to quit my job, to concentrate on developing the AIProject (and the AICore software). I believe that this project is MUCH bigger than the 2 ideas above and from a commercial perspective is capable of dwarfing any of my previous ideas. This idea – I am determined to see through to the end, no matter what happens.

In February 2010, I began coding the AICore and as of February 2011, the software has reached 20,000 lines of code.

My statistical background, strong logic and knowledge of the English language shall allow me to propel this project through the development process and into a commercial entity.”