Vicarious Systems Says Its Artificial Intelligence Is The Real Deal

Vicarious is designing artificial intelligence software intended to learn to “see” and recognize objects and things just as the human brain does from the time of a baby’s birth. This is much more complicated than designing a program to recognize a shape, say a shoe, and then find many other similar shapes, according to Vicarious.

Artificial Intelligence Is the Next Killer App

I think that there are good reasons to believe that this next killer app is going to turn out to be artificial intelligence (AI). AI applications are highly compute intensive and will take full advantage of all the computational power that new processors can offer. New standalone AI applications will appear, but more importantly, artificial intelligence is likely to be built directly into existing productivity applications and operating systems, as well as the enterprise software and database systems used by large businesses.

A Fight to Win the Future: Computers vs. Humans

At the dawn of the modern computer era, two Pentagon-financed laboratories bracketed Stanford University. At one laboratory, a small group of scientists and engineers worked to replace the human mind, while at the other, a similar group worked to augment it.

Artificial intelligence scientist gets $1M prize

Geoffrey Hinton, a computer science professor at the University of Toronto, has been awarded the 2011 Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science andGeoffrey Hinton wins $1M prize. Engineering, the federal government announced Monday morning in Ottawa. His research has generated sets of instructions called algorithms that can be used to help computers learn to recognize spoken words, automatically read bank cheques and monitor industrial plants for improved safety. Hinton's research is focused on understanding how collections of brain cells called neural networks can learn by changing their interactions with one another.

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