Homework-Testing Development

To create a cloud based software/system, which allows private tutors to assign questions to students and for the students to answer the questions, completely on-line.
The questions will be available in a database and will relate to the syllabus which the student is being given tuition for.
The tutors will be able to create a question sheet, by selecting questions from a list. This process should take no longer than 4 minutes.
If the tutor wishes, they can create and enter their own questions into the question sheet.
After completing the question sheet, the student's score will be stored in a database and the results emailed automatically to the tutor and the parent (or student).
The over-riding aim of the software is to help tutors get the best possible (test/exam/homework) results, from their students, for every hour of tutoring.

The initial version of the software shall cater for the following subjects, at GCSE level:
Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
IT - Computer Science

3-4 tutors will be chosen to assist in advising on the design direction.
The tutors who show the most interest shall be chosen for the role.
Approximately 15 minutes per week will be required from the tutors.
Their main purpose is to offer feedback, in order to help produce software which is functional and beneficial to them and other private tutors.

What's in it for tutors?
Free lifetime access to the software and all its features.
The system will help the tutor, assess the progress of the student, by giving the student regular tests/homework. Test scores shall be stored in the cloud and graphs/charts can be created quickly.
If the tutor is running his tutorial services, as a business: to help differentiate his own business from rivals, the tutor can market the fact that his tutoring service has an online homework/testing system which very few private tutors have access to.
If the lead tutor (business owner) hires tutor (employees) to work for him, the system will allow the business owner to measure the performance of the employees. So, if the scores being posted by the students of a particular tutor (employee) are low, the employer will be able to monitor this.

Development Time
Approximately 3 months

Development Costs
Software development/hosting and associated costs shall be the responsibility of AICore Tech.

Two Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) shall be created.
1. Student Interface - this is the screen which the student interacts with, to answer the homework/test questions which have been assigned by the tutor.
2. Tutor Interface - this is the screen which the tutor interacts with, allowing the tutor to select which questions are included in the homework/test, the rules of the homework (e.g. time limits), the student's name, etc.

GUI Links (when available, links will appear below, for tutors to view the latest builds)
1. Student Interface
2. Tutor Interface

Register your interest
If you are an experienced tutor, please register your interest by sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , subject: Registering my Interest in Homework-Testing Solution, giving your name, the subjects which you teach and at which level (eg. GCSE, A-Level, etc).



this document was last updated on 26/04/2014