AICore (Server) - Graphical User Interface

When checked, the 'Activate All Auto Monitors' (top left hand corner) gives the AICore authority to decide which processes (and in which order) to carry out.
Below this are 4 buttons, used for testing purposes by the developers.
Below this are 2 buttons which allow the server to be started or stopped.
Below those buttons is the 'Launch Client' button. This launches a system client, allowing the user/developer to connect/communicate with the AICore. Multiple clients can be launched/connected to the server.
The 'Change Internet Access Browser Setting' gives the AICore complete control over the internet web browser. While 'True', the AICore may take control of the internet browser at any stage.
The 2 information windows displays server messages (ie. what processes the server is currently carrying out) while the other window displays various settings/variable contents (use for developers).

System (executable) Client - Graphical User Interface

Most of the tabs of the client are still experimental and under construction.

The main tab is the 'chat' tab. This is where the user is able to communicate with AICore. All messages typed in by the user appear in the chat history window, before being sent to AICore for processing. Any messages received from AICore are displayed in the chat history window.

The server address and port number, which is currently loaded into the client is displayed on the main page.

The client info text box displays information about the client. The amount of information contained in this box will increase as AICore develops.

The 'close connection' and 'connect to AICore' buttons allow the client to disconnect/connect to AICore.

The main page of the client also includes a simulator. Starting the simulator has the effect of simulating pre-programmed human input. The simulator is being used to place AICore under extreme load. Where normally, a human can be reasonably expected to send messages to AICore at around 1 message every 10-15 seconds, the simulator can send at least 1 message in a second. The simulator is being used for testing purposes only. Retail candidates shall not include the simulator

In the chat window above, we see that the user logs in to the AICore by typing, "login". The AICore then asks a selection of random questions which it previously knows the answer to. Once verified, the AICore logs the user in and all the details held by the AICore about the user, are loaded.

In the chat window above, we see how AICore is able to retrieve information which is previously held about a user, using simple English. No special commands are necessary. Using plain English, the AICore is also able to process and save new information which is fed in to, using natural English.


Web Client

A web version of the above client has also been produced.

This client is a cut-down version of the system client.

The latest version of the web client can be seen by clicking 'CHAT CLIENT', on the menu at the top of the page.