User Accounts
If you provide information to the AICore without creating a new account or logging into an existing account first, all information provided shall be lost when the web browser or connection to the AICore is closed. In order to prevent the loss of information, the user should login to an existing user account, before inputting information.

Any information provided to the AICore while logged in, shall be permanently remembered and associated with that user account.

Any information previously provided to the AICore, while logged into a user account, can be retrieved, upon logging back into that user account.

If you do not have a user account, you may create one (see instructions below).

In order to create a user account, first connect to the AICore, then input, “create new account”.

The AICore shall then take you through the account creation process by asking specific questions.

Please ensure that you remember all information entered into the AICore during the account creation process, as there is currently no method by which user details can be retrieved, if forgotten.

After user account creation, you shall be logged in automatically, however, in the future, you shall need to log in (see below).

Logging In
To login, ensure that you are connected to the AICore, then input, “login”.
The AICore shall then ask you a series of questions and if the answers are correct, you shall be logged in to the AICore.

Logging Out
To logout, there are 3 methods:
1. type “logout”.
2. click the ‘Close Connection / Logout’ button
3. close the web browser

Either of the above methods shall log you out of the user account (if previously logged in).