Notes for Testers
At present the AICore is going through early stage testing and has very few conversations loaded into its AI brain (database).
The aim is to load the AICore’s database, with information which it can use to give users intelligent replies.
The AICore shall be able to produce better quality replies, as the number of conversations stored in its database, increases.

Try to keep conversations simple - almost as if you were communicating with a child.
2. Ensure that all sentences are correctly spelt. The AICore cannot yet resolve incorrect spelling. Auto spell checking shall be incorporated into a later version of the AICore.
3. Try asking the AICore questions, which you would expect a robot or a computer program to be able to understand. Remember the AICore is not a human and is not trying to be one.
4. The general knowledge teaching system is still very much in its early stages; as such, most of the time, the AICore is unable to automatically identify general knowledge. The newer version of the AICore shall possess superior general knowledge identification systems.
5. Try to avoid using profanities.

Should you wish to leave feedback, feel free to do so.
All constructive feedback is appreciated.
Once feedback is received, its content shall be incorporated into the development schedule of the AICore.
Any valid requests/ideas may also be incorporated into the development of future versions of the AICore.